Sunday, 18 December 2011

Andy Gray and Richard Keys have learned their lesson

Richard Keys and Andy Gray used to live in my television box every Saturday until one day they were told to move out for being sexist bullies.  It's ok now because that was totally uncool and they've really learnt from their mistakes.

image from our pals at
So as you can see here, the main selling point of their after dinner speaking and corporate hospitality business appears to be: "remember us lads?  we were the ones talking about footy while your wife made you dinner OI OI" and I for one am excited to see it.  They could have chosen the 'we were the top football pundits in the UK for about ten years so therefore good, well versed company" or "we've spent time working with and interviewing some of the game's top stars" lines of advertising but instead used the "here's some jokes about how we got fired for talking about banging sluts".  And I'm glad, if anything, that at least I know the Royal Mail actually works and that celebrities do read my letters.  I'm talking to you sort of hot one that used to be on East Enders.