Thursday, 29 December 2011

Alessandro Del Piero might move to the Premiership

I think anyone above the age of like 21 must have always wanted to see Del Piero play in the Premiership, especially after Gazetta Italia got canned.  Everyone loves that guy.  Just please New Year's Santa, don't make it Blackburn.  He doesn't deserve that.

Even though he's 37 he still doesn't want to retire, and rightly so seeing as he's one of Italy's greatest ever players.  Just... not Blackburn.  He's also been linked with QPR and has said (
I won't stop playing. There is just Juventus in my future for now. All that I am thinking about is this Serie A season and the Bianconeri.
"The hope is that we'll be able to do well in 2012 all of the things that we did well in 2011
Imagine if we saw the legendary Del Piero not playing for a massive club like Manchester United, City, Arsenal or Chelsea etc but instead managed by that balloon in charge of Blackburn Rovers, or in the same team as Wayne Routledge.  He should just stop before he undoes the brilliant legacy he's left up till now and they should have stopped making him play after the 13th season or so, but still The Simpsons keeps churning out terrible television and making money out of it, destroying the hard work of the brilliant writers that did so much during the early 90s.

I don't think Del Piero is particularly funny or anything, I mean he might be, but I don't want him to be shit like the Simpsons is now.  Do you remember what Robert Pires looked like for Villa last year?  It was like someone had stuck legs to the slowest turtle of all time.  Like Donatello had come out of the sewers, put on a wig, had a stroke and then tried to play football.

I think you get the idea.