Monday, 19 December 2011

Alan Shearer to be next Blackburn boss

Alan Shearer has risen from the flames and been appointed the most likely candidate to succeed Steve Kean as Blackburn Rovers boss once he leaves, is fired or thrown into the sea by the club's fans.

Alan Shearer was my absolute hero when I was growing up because he was astonishingly good at scoring goals.  He's the all time Premier League top scorer and did this despite missing about three seasons with career threatening injuries, won the league with Blackburn, and proudly took his home town club to within a few points of league success and FA Cup glory.  Then he retired and became a god awful manager and a football pundit so ignorant and cliched that it makes my brain my feel sad.

The Venkys are looking at possible replacements in a sort of contingency plan based on how they react post-Bolton after Blackburn have probably won about 3-0.  That would be great wouldn't it - if Blackburn destroy Owen Coyle's team and Kean goes, even though Coyle has barely heard a murmur of disapproval during his reign at the club.

Shearer is firm favourite with the bookies, narrowly edging the odds ahead of Barney the Dinosaur and anyone who has ever played Football Manager to some degree of ability.  God I hope he turns out to know what he's doing.