Sunday, 18 December 2011

AC Milan tell Tevez to stop being a greedy dick head

If there's one thing Carlos Tevez loves more than money it's being an enormous cunt, which is why AC Milan have told him to think of the prestige and honour he could earn by turning down massive amounts of £££ at PSG and plying his trade at the San Siro instead.  That will definitely work.

AC have thus far not managed to find enough money to take the troubled Argentinian off the Manchester City books and a loan offer has already been punched in its proverbial face by Roberto Mancini.  PSG are said to be sniffing around now like a really wealthy vulture and want to offer him ludicrous money in order to piss off French people instead.

I'd like to think it's probably a good idea for Milan chiefs to not already begin insulting Carlos Tevez before he's even joined, it's not as if he's proved to be good at taking criticism anytime recently is it?  He'll probably turn up for his first day of work and piss through the letter box.  I assume they have letter boxes in Italy.  If my knowledge of other countries is as good as I think it is, I'm sure Tevez will enjoy the houses built from gingerbread and pizza in Italy's capital city, Budapest.  I call it a 'gingzza' and no you can't have one.