Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Aberdeen win a game, Craig Brown embarrassed

The mighty Dons recorded a 2-1 victory over St Johnstone last night in a match that was so catastrophically awful that only about 1400 people turned up for it, the manager was embarrassed at how dreadful the football was, and Ryan Jack not only scored a goal, but did it from the halfway line.

Pa Broon has been getting a tough time of it recently because his team keeps losing and that is bad.  I am absolutely great at this journalism stuff.
"Archie's comment in there was that they will be turning their televisions off all over Britain looking at that.
"We felt embarrassed that sometimes we didn't play passes - yet our team has been playing pretty well recently."
Archie is Archie Knox, Brown's assistant, not a fictitious Scottish rapscallion who intercepts TV interviews to talk ill of football clubs, like you thought.  Scottish football has been truly embarrassing in general for the last ten years and the SFA's continued attempts to try and play this outdoor sport during the winter has resulted in games being abandoned, rescheduled and ruined every single season.  With the potential football on offer last night only slightly more exciting than the prospect of punching yourself in the face all night, the wind and arctic conditions only further served to remind everyone as to why no cunt in sight is investing in any team north of the English border.

In better news, at least Aberdeen won a game and Ryan Jack surpassed his life-long ambition of being banned from Gala Casino by scoring from the half-way line.  It sounds like that should be amazing doesn't it?  But it isn't.  It's like playing FIFA while drunk.