Sunday, 18 December 2011

Aberdeen will appeal Peter Pawlett red card

Peter Pawlett plays for Aberdeen and he was sent off for making a slide tackle in the weekend's game against Hibernian because apparently that's a red card offence now.  Pa Broon wants to appeal!

(c) scott baxter
The game was one of the most boring I have watched in recent history and helped to once again answer the questions of both 'Why don't more people watch the SPL' and 'Why does anyone watch the SPL'.  At one point the referee gave the softest penalty of all time to the Dons, and then decided to redeem this possible error by sending off Peter Pawlett for barely any reason.  The midfielder slid in to block a clearance by the touchline and was rightly dismissed once the referee realised the only chance he had to stop watching this utter horse shit himself was to send everyone off.  Then he remembered he wouldn't get paid if he did that so he kept looking after the game until it had finished.

If anything the match just gave me more ideas to add to my list of 'things I would rather do than pay to watch an SPL game', which before then was just the word 'help me jesus' scribbled about 1000 times in my own blood interspersed with pictures of severed heads on my wall.  I think it really adds something magical to the room.