Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Damiano Tommasi hates gay people

Former Italy international and Italian players union chief has made my brain hurt today by deciding that gay players shouldn't come out because it makes it really inconvenient for everyone else.

In an incredibly ill-thought comment on homosexuality in football, especially considering he is head of the players union, Tommasi said this:
"Homosexuality is still a taboo in football in the sense that there is a different kind of cohabitation to other professions," Tommasi was quoted as saying by AFP.

"Coming out's to be discouraged. The fact of being identified or singled out as 'the one who is', regardless of your profession, whether journalist, footballer or politician, I don't think it would be an advisable path to take.

"Expressing your personal sexuality is difficult in every professional environment, and even more so for a footballer, who shares a changing room with his team-mates, and hence also his intimacy with others.

"In our world it could cause embarrassment. In a sport in which you get undressed it could cause an extra difficulty in cohabitation."
So what I've taken from this is that Tommasi feels a bit insecure when he's getting changed after football incase someone is gay and looks at his penis.  I don't like getting naked in front of dudes either, and also don't really enjoy having to urinate whilst standing side by side with another guy (why is that normal?) but it's not because I'm scared they are gay, it's because I don't like other people.  Normally anti-gay insecurity stems from a repressed feeling the hater has themselves like in American Beauty so what I think he's really trying to do is tell us that he's gay.  So let's all congratulate Tommasi on finally coming out!  I think it's great.