Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Arsenal fans really like Samir Nasri

Man City beat Arsenal 1-0 in the Carling Cup last night and money-hoarding, cheese-eating, surrender monkey Samir Nasri played the whole match and loved every minute.  If by loved every minute you mean 'wanted to escape as fast as he could'.

At one point Samir even thought he was getting the chance to be substituted and escape the constant abuse he was receiving from the home support.  Look how happy is to be on the pitch in that video, isn't it lovely?  To make things even better, The Frimpong took exception to his former team mate and they had an "argument" in the tunnel.  To us normal folks that's obviously lame, but in Nasri-land that amount of confrontation forced his penis to shrivel back inside his body like a turtle in front of fire.  In fairness I wouldn't mess with The Frimpong incase he claimed me as his own and I had to live in his cave forever.  That's definitely the worst of my recurring dreams.