Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wayne Rooney doesn't like Nani probably

Wayne Rooney had his 26th birthday night out after that game against Man City.  I can't remember the score but I do know that he invited a lot of the team that absolutely humped his own and didn't let his own team-mate Nani in.

To celebrate his birthday and the fact that his new hair hasn't been slowly killing him, Rooney invited Joe Hart and some other football players blah blah blah meanwhile Nani was in some restaurant on the other side of town getting abuse from people.  Nothing exciting appears to have happened, I just think it's interesting that Nani wasn't invited.  It gives the girls something to read as well.  Look, I can't be hilarious all the time ok?

photo source: via Metro
I am also nearly 26 by the way.  My life doesn't look or seem quite as glamorous as these people but at least my Mum says that I'm a really special boy.  And my Doctor.  I forget which is worse