Monday, 31 October 2011

Tony Pulis is so mad right now

Tony Pulis has done a remarkable job to get Stoke on the map because before he took them to the Premiership and then managed to avoid relegation every year, not even people in Stoke knew where it was.  Now he wants some damn respect from Premier League bosses who keep shafting him with stupid fixture lists.

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Stoke play Newcastle tonight, as we discussed earlier but which you will read later since this post is above that one.  After that game they have to go to Israel which is actually quite far away, then they have to come back and then they have to play ANOTHER game on Sunday against Bolton.  When will the madness end?  A professional football club having to play three games in one week?!  Pulis spoke to Mirror Football:
“It’s difficult. We could have done without the game being on a Monday night. We could have done with it over the weekend but money talks for the powers that be who run football.
“This is a completely new and unique season for us in respect of playing Saturday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday... Monday!
“We’ve only had one game that kicked off at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon – that’s out of 18 matches.
The worst part is that it's an awful hassle having to move Ryan Shawcross' cage everywhere they go.  That thing is heavy and if they don't get it right it's pretty much like the opening scene of Jurassic Park.  Ask Aaron Ramsey