Thursday, 27 October 2011

PSG order David Beckham shirts

PSG have given us a helping hand in figuring out where David Beckham might be heading when his contract expires in November by reportedly ordering 20,000 shirts with his name on the back.  It's either that or they are having a really weird Halloween party.

As we've discussed before, David probably doesn't have much of a choice in this decision and Posh spice is going to have no trouble adjusting to life in France - particularly in Paris since she seems to be quite in to her fashion.  A real cutting bit of journalism for you there.  She'll also fit in right away with the rest of the city if the rumour I started above that 20,000 Parisians are going to be dressed up as David Beckham is true, because they'll no doubt be hanging out with their own girlfriends who will be dressed up like Posh.  Either that or like hot skeleton zombies.  Like I said, she's not going to struggle to fit in.

The real joke's on me, because actually my wife is dead.