Friday, 14 October 2011

PSG make a move for Beckham

David Beckham is a lovely chap who probably did shag Rebecca Loos, but I forgive him. I mean she wanked off a pig on national television - imagine the freaky shit she would be up for behind closed doors.

stolen from some mad beckham crazed fan blog thing
Beckham: the only thing as sexy as he is, is his right foot.  He was given that stupid voice to balance out the universe but the point of this article is that PSG have held talks with Beckham's people over the phone about a possible move to Paris. I read this on BBC so it has to be true.

PSG are bank rolled by another token middle-eastern billionaire so money is not a problem. Their manager is Leonardo who FitbaThatba recognises as another one of the sexiest men in football. He clearly appreciates the aesthetics Beckham would bring to the club and I can see them lounging in their speedos talking about what moisturizer they prefer. Oh and there is also the small matter of Beckham's shirt sales earning enough to eradicate the debt of the entire continent of Africa.

His contract finishes on December 31st so it remains to be seen where he ends up. Harry Redknapp would like to see him at Spurs but then again Harry Redknapp wants to buy pretty much everyone. He actually tried to buy FitbaThatba in the summer to replace Peter Crouch but we turned him down.