Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pissed up ref sends players off for no reason

This story seems to be gathering speed around the internet universe and crashed into my eye balls this morning. A game in the Czech Republic was annulled after the police had to step in and breathalyse the referee.

from whoateallthepies.tv
This is the referee in question. The reason his clothes are such a mess is because he was so hammered he actually fell over a few times. There are no rules in place to say you can't go out and get hammered before refereeing a game of football. Our man went out for a game of bamboozled to celebrate his birthday before the game. Skited off his tits, he thought it would be hilarious to officiate the game still blootered. He was right.

It isn't clear if he decided to wake up and get hammered first thing in the morning or if this was the result of an all nighter. I'm not sure which scenario I prefer. The man's name is Thomas Fidra, he "smelled like a brewery" and was "unable to stand up straight". Rather than pretending to be sober and not draw attention to himself, Fidra decided to send three players off from the same team instead. For absolutely no reason other than he was hammered and thought it was really funny.

Eventually the police actually came on and breathalysed the referee who's alcohol level in his blood was 1.94%.  I have no idea if that's high or not but considering a beer can be about 4% and he is a human, that does sound high. The team with 11 players still on the pitch refused to attack and the game was ended after the referee finished his chips and cheese, then passed out on the half way line before pissing himself.