Thursday, 20 October 2011

Owners do want relegation

Remember all the mock outrage about Premier League owners wanting to change the rules so nobody could be relegated? Well that was nonsense and I for one am shocked.

from the BBC
You can tell that not very much happened in the news this week because this story was everywhere. Apparently these bloody foreigners came over here and bought all our football clubs and wanted to ruin the game. They don't know what British football is about do they? Wanting to put a stop to relegation and make sure that the big teams are always in the top league to make sure they get big crowds so they can make money and smoke cigars at the taxpayers expense. It's a disgrace!

Luckily Premier League Chief Exec Richard Scudamore actually went and asked the owners what they thought. According to him, not one owner was in favour of getting rid of relegation. A few of them didn't actually respond but they were probably at Tesco or something.  Did anyone actually bother sourcing this story first? I imagine it originated from Barry Shitpeas, who scribbled it in blood and then passed it to some wank rag like the Daily Mail. In fact I think even the BBC ran the story - not one person seemed to bother picking up the phone and check if it was true. That's the kind of detailed research we all expect at FitbaThatba not the cunting BBC.  If it wasn't for the fact I haven't paid my TV license in five months, I'd be really annoyed right now.