Sunday, 30 October 2011

Neil Lennon is a terrible manager

Neil Lennon has one of the easiest club football management jobs in the world and has managed to somehow find his team behind Motherwell in the Scottish Premier League.  That's like if you entered a painting competition for children and still finished in 4th place.  Except worse.  It's not his fault though, of course.

image from BBC Sport
Now Lennon has threatened to 'out' the slackers in his team that have seen the side drift twelve points behind league leaders Rangers.  Some players like Ki Sung-Yueng and Joe Ledley are safe from his 'wrath'  because he said so in his post-match interviews but the other guys ho ho hoooooo.... they just better watch out because he's going to produce a master-class in management.  If they don't start playing better he's going to tell the press who they are!  If only there were a detective around here somewhere to solve this horrifying mystery.

Actually this isn't like if you entered a painting competition, it's like if you and your friends joined in an under-8s football match and you act as the manager but you still lose.  And also no one likes you.  At least I have internet friends, what does this guy have?