Wednesday, 26 October 2011

More crowd trouble abroad

Recently I wrote about Napoli fans stabbing people in the bum. Germans are known for their efficiency and it seems their football fans are also rather efficient when it comes to crowd violence and stadium destruction.

Dynamo Dresden traveled to Dortmund for a cup match with Borussia Dortmund. Dresden are in the league below Dortmund. Realising that they had no chance of actually beating them, the Dresden fans did the next best thing. Kicked the shit out of the stadium, smashed things up, set off lots of fireworks and set fire to the toilets.

Not content with scaring the Dortmund fans shitless and causing £150,000 worth of damage. Dresden fans also clashed with police officers, which resulted in two needing medical attention. They destroyed around 200 seats, smashed up kiosks and kept interrupting play by throwing fireworks onto the pitch.

It may sound a bit dangerous and aggressive but it certainly does sound a lot more fun than watching my local team Aberdeen. My typical experience at Pittodrie is sat down in a half empty stand, hearing some twat behind me shout advice to the players such as; "get inte him!" "hoof it out min!" and "fuck off you poof/mink/cunt/prick/arsewipe/etc". All the while being out-sung by 200 away fans and counting down the minutes to half time so I can get a steak pie.

If you were wondering if the actions of Dresden's fans had any effect on the pitch. The answer is no, they were comfortably beaten 2-0. At least you kept your dignity and made your team proud.