Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Moldovan player punches referee. Retires immediately

Moldova isn't a real country because I can't work out where exactly on a map it is.  If pushed I would guess somewhere next to that large part called Ussr, which I can't even pronounce properly.  Which brings me to my next suggestion that someone should really change the name of that place as well.  Meanwhile:

This dude is annoyed about something like a wrong decision, or being sent off, I'm not sure even knows tbh but rather than simply accept it and play on, he decides to punch the referee very hard in the side of his face.  To avoid being banned and it affecting his career (he's 35 btw) he then decided to just retire straight away.  So take that, Moldovan FA.

In other news:  holy shit Russia is massive.  Go and look at a map right now!  I was joking earlier about where Moldova is.  Honestly.