Sunday, 30 October 2011

Manchester United want to buy Mascherano

Since Manchester United are obviously broken and will never win anything ever again, they need to begin the rebuilding process.  Again.  Or possibly just add some good players to their team like Javier Mascherano who currently plays in defence for Barcelona.

I can't work out what Mascherano looks like because I'm tired, hungover and my brain isn't great at the best of times but I narrowed it down to either a Goomba or a Velociraptor.  Also I think the raptor looks nice in this picture.  Speaking of dinosaurs, Alex Ferguson wants to spend £23million on Mascherano to help give some bite to his midfield instead of relying on Darren Fletcher and his weird running style.  His other choices are Michael Carrick and Anderson who are both just awful but might serve a better use as food for the Raptors that will arrive at Old Trafford soon.  By setting them loose in the enclosure, the prehistoric creatures can hunt once more rather than being fed goats tied to a stick and then they will stop testing that damn perimeter fence.  Alex Ferguson is buying some velociraptors, right?  That's what this story is about isn't it?  I feel like I've gone off topic