Friday, 28 October 2011

Manchester United want a new midfield for Christmas

It wasn't so long ago that everything was going swimmingly for Manchester United. Tom Cleverley was called up for England. Smalling and Jones were playing so well that nobody cared that Vidic and Rio weren't playing. Then Cleverley got injured, Smalling was moved to right back and Ferguson started playing Johnny the rapist Evans. Follow all that up with a 6-1 raping from Manchester City. Everybody panic!

In the summer everybody was talking about Manchester United's centre of midfield. Or rather the lack of one. The will they, won't they surrounding the signing of Wes Sneijder eventually turned into they didn't. After the demolition from Manchester City, the papers seem to think that Manchester United are going to sign pretty much everyone who has a potential ability of 180+ on football manager.

It's not even November yet but come January, we could see bids from United for Sneijder (again) - £30m, Javi Martinez - £18m , Krasic - £something and Nicolas Gaitan for £40m. Throw in any other central midfielder who is good and soon enough United will have spent the countries entire defence budget on solving their midfield frailties, or shitness for use of a better word.

It seems unfair that so many journalists make money from completely making up transfer stories to fill columns in their wank rag newspapers. At least at FitbaThatba we try to make our lies entertaining and we don't even get paid. For example did you know that Mario Balotelli dressed up as a clown and showed up unannounced at a children's hospital on a unicycle? Police were called after his juggling act got out of control and set fire to the ICU.