Friday, 28 October 2011

Liverpool want Coloccini

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is determined to make Liverpool successful before SAF dies and a solid defence is the best place to start.  Since Fabricio Coloccini has turned into a great Premiership defender and Jamie Carragher is so old he might need help going to the toilet soon, the Scot has proposed a swap-a-roo.  And by that I mean he wants to just buy him.

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Jamie Carragher is 33 years old which scarily I have just realised is only seven years older than I am.  In footballer years he might as well be put down but in human years he's still really sexy.  I mean young.  Uhhh

So Newcastle now to have try and hold on to another of their best players and of course that's going to result in him being sold for £15 million in January.  Playing for Newcastle is a little like the nerdy girl at school.  She's OK looking but a really nice person and she goes out with the same guy for years and years, eventually turning into a slamming hotty and then leaving him for some jerk that lives in a bigger house down the road, thus wasting all the time he put in and leaving him heartbroken.  Not that I know anything about that because I am super popular.  As you can tell by the fact that I'm writing internet posts and drinking alone on a friday night.

HA HAH A only joking