Monday, 24 October 2011

Leicester sack Sven

Sexy Swede Sven-Goran Eriksson has been sacked by Leicester City. I assume because of the picture below. He is far too sexual for a team like Leicester.

from ?
Not so long ago Sven was an English hero. He took over from Kevin Keegan when England were a complete shambles. Keegan's management style I imagine to be similar to that of James Corden. Mainly shouting all the time and finger pointing, without actually having any tactics whatsoever. Not to mention just being a really annoying cunt. England only went out of the 2002 World  Cup to Brazil because Ronaldinho lobbed Seaman (lolz) from 35 yards. At least the media had someone to blame for the loss.

Then Sven started shagging everyone and was earning so much money he stopped caring about winning and football and the weather and Jesus and everything. Rumours are he was caught wanking into a pile of £50 notes whilst Ulrika Johnson shaved his testicles and watched re-runs of Gladiators. Awooga!

Leicester have sacked Eriksson because he has been really shit. He has spent a fortune, something like £20 bloody million. That is ridiculous. They were beat at home on Saturday by Millwall 3-0 and only have five wins out of thirteen games. FitbaThatba asked Sven for a response to his sacking. He showed me a mini bank statement and skipped down the road into the sunset.