Tuesday, 25 October 2011

John Terry upsets more people

Fresh after allegations of racism, John Terry has upset some of his fans by not showing up to open pet store "Reptile Kingdom". Oh John, you absolute beast.

courtesy of the telegraph
As you can see, literally about...........10? People showed up to watch John Terry cut the ribbon and officially open Surbiton's newest attraction "Reptile Kingdom". Terry was expected to show up after his training at nearby Cobham. Presumably he decided that he would rather play golf and bang some sluts then open a shop for a bunch of lizard loving losers.

The owner of the pet store claims that it was organised through a mutual friend. An official from Chelsea said that Terry was asked twice to open the store but both times turned down the opportunity. First he upsets every black person in the world and now he has upset the exotic pet lovers of Surbiton. Throw in Wayne Bridge and every football fan who doesn't like Chelsea and it pretty much leaves him with Tim Lovejoy as his only friend.

Owner of the store, Terrence Clark said "John Terry really is a c**t". You can't argue with that.