Thursday, 27 October 2011

The John Terry Racism Row Remains

It's almost the weekend and we are still talking about the John Terry "did he or didn't he" racism from last Sunday. Nobody seems to know what actually happened. Which seems strange to me, surely Anton Ferdinand knows what he said? Three QPR players were reported to have given or were going to give evidence but they came out today and said NO!

Some papers reported that Clint Hill, Paddy Kenny and Shaun Derry were all going to give evidence in the FA's investigation. They are now said to be furious that their names have been brought up and will have no part in the proceedings. All three of them are white. Just saying.

The newspapers are full of ex-footballers who for some reason, seem to think we want to hear their opinion. "Ian Wright thinks that if John Terry is found guilty, he should be sent to Harlem with a sign that says "I hate n***ers" akin to Die Hard:With A Vengeance". Naggers obviously, you lot are worse than John Terry.

"Les Ferdinand thinks that if John Terry is found guilty, he should be banned from planet Earth and sent away on a rocket ship into space. There he will see out the remainder of his life with nobody but Timmy Mallet and Bobby Davro for company". For any of our international readers, you may need the help of youtube.

Ashely Cole said that he didn't hear any racist abuse. I assume the Sun thought this was relevant as he is a black man. However that is factually incorrect. He is actually subhuman scum and therefore isn't allowed an opinion on anything.