Monday, 31 October 2011

Joe Ledley is a genius

Celtic have managed to make themselves look like overpaid minks for years (Larsson excluded), but this season is going exceptionally well for them!  Joe Ledley has it all sussed out though.  He's spent the last few days locked in his laboratory to conclude that if Celtic simply win all the rest of their games, they might win the league.

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It's conclusive proof that Joe Ledley is wasted in the SPL and should be on his way to NASA as we speak so that he can help further the human race in their venture to explore new worlds.  "We should just build a massive rocket that can also time travel" he'll say, and all in the Space Center will erupt in tears of joy!  "Why couldn't we find him sooner?!!" they'll cry, as fireworks are ignited and a giant caterpillar line of people carry the Welshman out in to the night air to celebrate man-kind's next great step.

Meanwhile on a far away planet, the evil lord Magrrazhka will sit up and take note of this new threat to his people's survival.  Ordering his minions to their battle stations, the Arconions will power through the Kelaxi nebula to confront Earth and it's new super-being, triggering the first great Universal war.  In an impossible battle, the Earth is destroyed and the human race wiped from existence.

Oh and if you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic