Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gomes is sad face

Heurelho Gomes is sulking because he doesn't get to play for Spurs anymore since they signed Vietnam war veteran Brad Friedel.  Perhaps the reason he plays is just admiration for the struggles he had to overcome during his time in the jungle.  Friedel I mean, not Gomes.  I'm bored of that racism stuff remember.

image from BBC Sport
Oh yeh so this guy is going to move to Brazil in January.  He told some newspapers.  Gomes joined Spurs for £7.8 million three years ago and because he has a tendency to let in silly goals, Melty Faced Redknapp has decided that it's probably time to keep him on the bench now.  He can be a really good bench goalkeeper.  Would you like that Gomes?  To be a bench goalkeeper?  A bench bench goalkeeper?!

The keeper told Mirror Football:

“The club bought Brad as second keeper behind me but the manager Harry Redknapp chose Friedel as his No1 goalkeeper.
“It is very likely that I will leave London this coming winter. I will go back to ­Brazil on a loan deal, so I can come back to another club in Europe after that.’’
In fairness Brad does have better stories about things blowing up and having to live off his own urine for several days while camped out in the Vietnamese jungle maze.  If he didn't keep trying to tell stories about how much things cost back in the day he'd be the perfect man.  I get it Brad, stuff was cheaper.