Thursday, 27 October 2011

Footballers love gambling

Who doesn't love a good bet now and again?  A flutter on the horses, a fiver on a weekend coupon or spending more money than you can remember in a casino on a Saturday morning at 5am - it can't harm anyone.  Unless you are a footballer and spend all your money on it.  Like our friend, Dominic Matteo!

This guy used to play for Liverpool, Leeds and Stoke amongst others and even managed to con his way into quite a few Scotland caps.  I hope I'm not alone in being pretty astonished that he managed to spend over £1million betting on horses until the day that he stopped.  That means that Dominic Matteo is a millionaire.  CURSE YOU UNIVERSE

Citing 'boredom' as the reason he took up a massive gambling habit which sometimes saw him spending up to £100,000 on a single race, Matteo has revealed in an interview with some legitimate newspapers that he called it a day when his wife laid an egg and a human child came out of it.

He also mentioned that boredom is why Michael Owen is now so obsessed with horse racing because apparently doing whatever the fuck you want all the time is just so dull compared to working a soul destroying job every minute that you are commanded to and physically able to do so.  And on the other side of the coin, just reading about Michael Owen makes me so bored that I want to punch a swan in the face