Monday, 31 October 2011

Crazy foreign fans part 3: Romania

This is quickly becoming my favourite topic to write about. The sheer fucking lunacy of fans abroad. It was Italy a couple of weeks ago, then Germany and now we move on to Romania where a fan actually punched a player in the back of the head.

Steaua Bucharest were playing Petrolul Ploiesti and had just gone 2-0 up thanks to a goal from Mihai Costea. All these names are really hard to type. I might just start calling every player Smith. A fan runs onto the pitch and punches the unsuspecting Smith (George Galamaz).

He did go down like a 18 year old girl after two Bicardi Breezers during freshers week but I am actually quite shocked by the video. There are so many fucking idiots in the world. It's not a problem for me, I lost faith in humanity years ago. With no security staff in sight, the players took it upon themselves to dish out mob justice.  They take the man down and administer a couple of size 10 Adidas Predators to the chops.

Two players were actually sent off for their actions. The ref deeming a kick in the face worthy of a red card. Still I'd rather take a red card and a three game suspension, than a prison sentence for assault and three cocks up my arse in the shower every day. Possibly the crudest thing I've ever written on here? I'm OK with it.

Eventually the game was abandoned after a fan threw a flare onto the pitch. I imagine the referee was just waiting for any excuse to get out of that cauldron of hate as quickly as possible. What a terrible job being a referee would be. They are possibly only rivaled by traffic wardens in the "professions people hate the most" awards. Add bouncers to the list as well, "I'm too fat and lazy to join the army or police force and I can't just walk around the streets beating people up. I'll just become a bouncer and punch students. Done."