Thursday, 27 October 2011

Chelsea try to buy back freehold of Stamford Bridge: Epic Fail

Chelsea want to build a new stadium. They are a modern club who don't really give two G&Ts about the history of Stamford Bridge. They want a 60,000+ all seater stadium like the other "big" clubs. Unfortunately for them, they don't actually own the land that Stamford Bridge is on.

Thanks to a billionaire man, Chelsea are now an extremely wealthy club. It didn't always used to be like that and in the 90s they actually sold the land to a supporter-led group "to ensure the club wasn't made homeless". Talk about your all time backfires. Now they can't actually convince them to sell the land back to them. They need to make profit on selling the land before they can move to the new stadium.

Chelsea assumed that the meeting was a formality. They ended up with their pants round their ankles when they only got 61.6% of the 75% votes that they needed. Their Chairman Bruce Buck tried to cover up his disappointment and prove he was a real fan by saying -
 "I can only hope that, on Saturday, we all get together, support this club and beat the crap out of Arsenal."
How utterly embarrassing. It reads like something my Mum would say when she is pretending to be interested in anything sport-related. I just googled him and he is American so that would explain his awful attempt at football "banter". Thinking about it, Chelsea fans must still be pinching themselves. In the 90s they played Gavin Peacock and John Spencer upfront. The mind boggles.