Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Carlos Tevez is going to sue Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini and Carlos Tevez might seem like BFFs but actually they hate each other.  Now Mr Tevez wants some more money out of his manager because he doesn't quite have all the money yet.  There's probably more money somewhere.  Oh yeh and his reputation

The club have charged the Argentine striker on five different counts including "being a jerk" and "not playing when I fucking told you".  Being fined four weeks wages is quite a lot for the average human but this guy misses out on £1million so it's probably worth claiming back, especially if he wants to get another stamp on his collectors card.

Yes, Carlos now wants to sue the Italian for 'defamation of character' which seems fair if it's true that he didn't disobey orders but seems kind of pointless now.  We've all been told by the media not to like him so I'll stick by that forever - the tabloids know everything and in fact without them, I wouldn't even know how  to eat properly or what I'm supposed to think about teenage girls, murder or immigration.  Where else am I supposed to find these things out?  It's not as if there's anything better on the internet.