Monday, 24 October 2011

Barry Bannan arrested, car is crashed, booze is involved

Aston Villa player Barry Bannan has kept up the kind of reputation we in Scotland all hold so proud by being arrested on suspicion of drink driving.  I don't see how because there is every reason to be driving a car at 5.30am when you are a footballer.  If anything drinking just makes it more entertaining.  By 'it' I mean 'life'.

Driving on motorways is boring at the best of times and it was really early in the morning so it's not as if anyone was going to be around was it?  Bannan was arrested officially under suspicion of drink driving and failing to stop after a car crash, which I find quite confusing because if he crashed then surely stopping was part of the process that led to it being called a 'crash'.  Unless it was an awesome Transformers style crash where the car flew through the air, narrowly escaping the massive fire ball only inches behind and screeching to a halt on its roof some metres away from the original collision.  If it was like that then the police are being really lame.  They should probably give him a medal or something.