Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Barcelona want Theo Walcott. Isn't a joke, apparently

Pep Guardiola seems to enjoy nothing more than annoying Arsenal be it by either spending the last five years stealing their captain or just by beating them at actual football.  Now with the power of email he can be sarcastic and make enquiries about Theo Walcott.

If only Theo was due to have his contract renewed sometime soon then this story would make perfect sense... oh wait a minute.  Seriously, Barcelona?  I suppose you have to make it someone good so that the Arsenal accountants offer a proper contract and not some measly £10,000 weekly increase.  If he started the rumour that Everton wanted him, Wenger could pretty much just tell him he can sleep on his sofa and it's still more than he'd get if he moved so it makes sense I guess.  Not that he started the rumour of course, and his agent certainly didn't either.  He definitely didn't let a journalist accidentally overhear whilst in a bar, while his friends then asked why he was shouting it so loud in their faces.  Barcelona definitely want to sign him.  True fact.