Sunday, 30 October 2011

Anzhi want Gareth Bale / the world?!

Championship Manager cheat team Anzhi Makhachkla want to buy Gareth Bale because he's meant to be quite good, isn't he?  How much does he cost?  Just offer £80billion and buy me a mars bar on the way home please.

Scoring two goals today must have made Gareth happy.  I'm just saying.  I'd be happy too.  There's absolutely no reason to go Russia other than to be paid £40million an hour to play football so it's unlikely that Mr Bale is going to actually want to move there, but if I offered you £300,000 a week to go there, would you do it?  Yeh exactly, you would.  It's like if I asked you if you'd rather have one arm or one leg you'd probably say one leg because you can hide that easier.  And if that arm was the one you used for 'special times' then you'd definitely say leg because what would even be the point in life that way?  What am I supposed to do, use my other hand?  I've had a lot of practise with this arm, thanks very much.  So in that respect I think it's safe to say that Gareth Bale is a real dick for having his legs removed.  Or was it his arms?  Would he still be good at football with no arms?  I need to research this, I think I'm out of my depth.