Thursday, 27 October 2011

Adam Johnson is lazy

If there's one thing recent news stories have taught us, it's that Roberto Mancini really understands his players.  Hoping to help Adam Johnson achieve the potential he had three years ago, the Italian has publicly told him to start actually trying.  Even against Wolves.

Even though Johnson could have been riding a unicycle, juggling knives and drawing pictures of cats on his legs and still have been one of the best players on the pitch against Wolves last night, Mancini still isn't happy that once he's scored one and set one up, he just sort of chills out because his work is done.  Look, he even said it:
"Sometimes he thinks, 'OK, in this game I scored one goal, I did an assist, that is enough'.
"I am disappointed when he doesn't put everything on the pitch."
Johnson did sort of turn the entire game around against Mick McCarthy's gabble of retards, as they shall now be forever known, but he is a classic example of an English player doing the bare minimum expecting maximum reward.  He's been talked of as one of England's greatest hopes and potentials but then again when I think about it, so has almost literally every single other English player below the age of 25 who scores a goal against someone good.  If Junior Hoilett ever scores a goal against Manchester United, the tabloids will probably request a knight hood for him.  The tabloids excluding The Daily Mail of course, which will raid his bins to try and find a way to have him deported.  Or tied to the back of a truck and driven through the dessert.