Thursday, 11 August 2011

Adrian Mutu is banned from Romania

Adrian Mutu has had an interesting career.  While to us it looks like the failure of a man never realising his real potential and being tripped up by the seedy underbelly of life, to him it's fucking ace because he's pissed, sees pink elephants sometimes and gets to fanny around playing football.  He's also banned from playing for Romania.

Mutu and his pal Gabriel Tamas, who also plays for Romania, were caught drinking two nights before a game against San Marino and as a result have both been banned for life.  I have no idea what he was drinking but let's assume it wasn't Ribena and that it made people seem much more attractive than they actually are.  It also made him right in most arguments, play much worse at Call of Duty and made the drive to work even more entertaining than usual.  I suppose the only thing left to help us try and understand Mutu's addiction to getting pissed and partying all the time is to try it ourselves.  I volunteer to be the first but only if you pay for all my beer.  What am I, the Queen?