Friday, 3 June 2011

Lionel Messi attacked!

Whilst in a restaurant some hooded jerk tried to punch Argentina's beloved Lionel Messi!  Did he care?  Hell no - he's awesome personified!

"I wasn't even touched," Messi told reporters after a punch thrown by a youth wearing a hoodie failed to make contact.
"I didn't feel a thing and I only found out after all the kerfuffle, it was nothing," Messi told sports daily Ole ( from Rosario, 300 km north of Buenos Aires.
This might be why footballers need mental help councilling in England - none of the players can accept that someone can be so good at football and a legend at the same time.  If a street gang tried to assault Messi he'd just dip his shoulder, nip out of the resulting ball of fury and watch it like he's in a cartoon.  But it would be no big deal.  You know?  Whatever.  Let's go grab a coke guys.