Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Young Men Behaving Badly

Fitbathatba's best friend Balotelli has been getting into trouble again after eyeing up another man's girlfriend. However ladies and gentleman I proudly bring you a talented young footballer who makes Balotelli look like a choir boy. Manchester United's Ravel Morrison.

Remember the name because he is going to be in the news a lot over the next few years. Partly because he is stupidly talented, heralded as the most gifted English midfielder since Paul Gascoigne, but mainly because he is a massive chav. And a horrible one at that, imagine one of those kids from the film Kidulthood, who run around shouting BRRAP and mugging old ladies and you get a mental picture of Ravel Morrison.

A couple of quotes -
His behaviour was slammed as ‘appalling’ by a district judge who warned he would be locked up for a year if he got in trouble again.
During the conversation Morrison warned: "You don’t know me any more. You don’t know what I’m capable of." 
The victim later received a threatening message on Facebook from Morrison, saying: "Watch yourself. You trying to set me up like that." 
Today he plead guilty to criminal damage after smashing up his girlfriend's phone but she dropped charges against him for domestic violence and refused to testify. The fact he is undergoing counselling for domestic violence, definitely suggests an innocent man. He has already been in court for two previous assault charges and also plead guilty to intimidating a witness. A few of Morrison's friends mugged a a teenager at knife point. Ravel tried to stop them giving evidence by making threatening phone calls, when this didn't work he showed up in their garden, threw a brick through the window and shouted more threats. He was chased off by the victim and his brothers but returned with a crew of about 16 chavs in hoodies on bmxs. Honestly, he really did.

Get excited people, Morrison was the best player by miles in the FA Cup Youth Final and he should be breaking into the first team soon. Premier League football mixed with wannabe-gangster-chav thuggery. I personally cannot wait.