Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Where's Cahill going to go?

It's the question that the whole world wants to know the answer to... just who will Gary Cahill sign for?!

stolen from skysports
Will it be Arsenal, or Man City, or Liverpool, or Spurs or (you get the idea).  Cahill is constantly mentioned in transfer rumours but no one ever signs him, and I can reveal why.  Is it because he is a child murderer?  That we can never be sure of, though I'd suspect that he isn't.  No, Cahill's secret is much darker and more evil than you can possibly imagine.  Imagine something so sinister that it is unimaginable - you are imagining the unimaginable, but that is unimaginable.  Imagine that!  I forgot what I was talking about here at some point but I think Gary Cahill will probably leave Bolton for Man City because the Daily Mirror thinks so and also because he will get the most money this way.  Man City's transfer bargaining skills seem to be:

City: "I'll give you £20 million and not a penny more"
Other Club: "We demand £40 million for this player"
City: "Very well... we offer you £45 million, and a jet ski"
Other Club: "Oh wow, that will save this club!  I can't believ.."
City: "Ahhhhh!  I see you drive a hard bargain!  Fine, £50 million, 7 jet skis and Craig Bellamy"
Other: "ummm..."
City: "And all my furniture.  I simply must have this slightly above average, over priced English defender"