Monday, 23 May 2011

West Ham want Alex McLeish

It is believed that Alex McLeish is one of a few names on the shortlist for West Ham's currently vacant managerial position and why shouldn't he be? It's not like he just got his own team relegated. Wait.

From classy newspaper/wank rag the Daily Star -
" ‘Big Eck’, 52, could bounce back at West Ham, whose owners Sullivan and Gold appointed him at Birmingham four years ago when they were in" 
There are no actual quotes but don't let that get in the way. McLeish managed to get Birmingham relegated this year playing perhaps the most defensive football of all time? They scored 37 goals the entire season, that is not even one goal a game, that is absolutely abysmal. What a shit excuse for a football club, at least justice was done as they were relegated.  To think they actually beat Arsenal in the Carling Cup final, the mind boggles.

Anyway this is exactly the kind of moronic, bordering on retarded, decision that West Ham's owners would definitely make. In fairness to McLeish, he probably would get West Ham promoted but in doing so will suck the souls out of every single fan and probably inspire mass suicides in the stands as they watch their team celebrate another 0-0. Watching Birmingham this season was so boring that you actually could feel yourself ageing, when the cameras cut to McLeish it was like that scene from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade when the nazi drinks from the grail, you could see his face turning to dust.