Tuesday, 17 May 2011

West Ham fans love a tear-up

It was the West Ham end of season dinner last night, with a chance for the players and fans to reflect on their season and celebrate the sacking of Avram Grant, all be it about 6 months too late. Unsurprisingly for a club with zero class, the night ended up in a mass brawl with the police being called.

According to an eye witness -  
"The players had just eaten their first course and there was a little interval."One fan walked past Demba Ba and said, 'Can I have your autograph?' Ba turned round and said, 'I'm too tired'."That triggered the mayhem. The fan went berserk, shouting and screaming at Ba, hurling all sorts of racist insults at him - and Ba looked like he was about to lash out when Danny Gabbidon separated them.
My favourite part of this story is when Ben Shepherd, formerly of GMTV fame, had to climb on stage and "beg the yobs to sit on their seats and not throw them". It sounds like something from the Day Today with Chris Morris

West Ham would like to think they are famous for club legends like Bobby Moore, Trevor Brooking and Geoff Hurst when actually they are famous around the world for the film 'Green Street Hooligans' starring a hobbit and a guy from Byker Grove - definitely something to feel proud about.  For those more in the know, you are famous for having the most vile owners in British football - David Gold and David Sullivan - thugs for fans and until a few days ago the worst manager in the Premier League.  If it sounds like I hate West Ham, it's because I do hate West Ham.  Look on the bright side - Danny Dyer will get to enjoy fighting with Millwall next season.  Enjoy the Championship you fackin mugs.