Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wenger shocks world - wants to buy French player

Arsene Wenger's inherent xenophobia reared its French face today amid rumours that he'd like to buy Karim Benzema and end Arsenal's self-forced exile from the transfer market.

The Mirror says:

Wenger said: "Viewed from the outside, it doesn't seem impossible today. He's a player that I like.
"I think he's intelligent in his movement, I think he is capable of combining well and making a difference, and of doing individual moves as well. So, for me he's a player who's at the top level in the world."
Wenger has insisted he will be active in the transfer window this summer but has already warned he will shy away from "£50m signings" and Arsenal would have to shatter their transfer record and pay around £20m for Benzema.
Wenger signed Cesc Fabregas for free, Robin van Persie for £2.75 million, Nicolas Anelka for £500,000 and Thierry Henry, perhaps one of the greatest players of all time, for £10 million.  I think it's fair to say that he has some sort of idea of how the transfer market works so I'll just let him get on with this one without making any snide remarks like I normally would.  Perhaps I'll investigate the transfer market myself so I have more of an educated look at it.  Where's a good website to start... this advert with pictures of naked celebrities on it seems like as good a place as any