Monday, 23 May 2011

Tevez doesn't care

Carlos Tevez is flying home to Buenos Aires instead of joining Man City's FA Cup celebrations through Manchester according to The Daily Telegraph, and he will be fined for doing so.  Does he care?

Hell no!  Tevez made it pretty clear he couldn't be arsed last year before Mancini managed to keep him at the club for another season.  If the best City can do to deter him from just going wherever he wants is say 'I'm going to fine you' but then not really give a large enough fine, or take any real action before just begging him to stay and play, I'm not sure it's going to work.  It's sort of like having a psycho girlfriend who says things like "if you go to meet up with your friends I'm leaving you!" but then you go and when you come back it turns out she hasn't actually left you at all, and you wouldn't really have cared anyway if she had.  The next stage in City's master plan is to phone Tevez while he's in Argentina and tell him that she's pregnant.