Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Shteve won't be managing Wesht Ham

Goon-faced management fail Steve McLaren has ruled himself out of the running for West Ham's management position recently vacated by Mr Toad.

The BBC says:
Former England boss Steve McClaren has ruled himself out of the running to fill the manager's role at West Ham.
McClaren was the bookmakers' favourite to replace Avram Grant, who was sacked after West Ham's relegation from the Premier League on Sunday.
But he said in a statement to Sky Sports News on Monday: "I do not wish to be considered for the position."
Whatever will West Ham do now?  As if being relegated this season wasn't enough, now they've been rejected by England, nay - the world's finest manager, in their time of turmoil.   The only options according to the press for West Ham are Paul Ince, Chris Hughton, and their existing first team coach, Kevin Keen.  That's it.  One works there right now and helped achieved relegation this year, one of them is just so horribly nice and quiet that Newcastle binned him to replace him with Alan 'I'll relegate you' Pardew and the other is Paul Ince, a man so devoid of management talent that it's stopped being funny and become somewhat painful to watch.  Putting Paul Ince in charge of your club is a bit like putting a spider and a wasp in the same plastic tub - you know one of them is going to die at some point but you can't help watching it