Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rooney threatens to kill someone for the bants

Dangerously high levels of bants coming out of the Rooney camp today, after Rooney got into an online altercation with another keyboard warrior on twitter

As you can see it was an epic back and forth between two great minds. Their intellect is such, that I cannot actually understand what they are saying. Perhaps this is just how young rapscallions talk these days, maybe sandwedge is street spelling for sandwich, and him and young Wayne are going to enjoy a lovely picnic together at Manchester United's training ground.

Of course, the Rooney alarm went off in every office of every newspaper in Britain so expect this to result in Wayne Rooney being charged with attempted murder, despite it clearly being all in jest. I can relate, most Fridays I can be found having ten pints down the local and fighting with the lads. These clean shirts from London just don't understand the banter. I'm awarding this story, level orange on the banterometer.