Tuesday, 3 May 2011

QPR win league / won't get promoted

Queens Park Rangers' season may have proven to be an absolute waste of time as the FA have decided to have a hearing on the transfer of Alejandro Faurlin; a player signed in 2009.  It is now 2011.

photo from BBC Sport

The hearing, due to start on Tuesday, centres around seven charges relating to the initial deal arising from the Argentine midfielder's ownership.
QPR won promotion to the Premier League on Saturday but if found guilty could face a points deduction.
The club deny any wrongdoing and a decision is expected on Friday.
The FA has been investigating the case since September, when QPR asked for permission to buy out a third party that owned Faurlin's economic rights.
The club was prompted to do this by the Football League's introduction of rules prohibiting the third-party ownership of players.
Some of you may recall when West Ham didn't have points deducted when they very illegally played Carlos Tevez the year that they weren't relegated (not this season) so QPR might actually be alright.  As it should be, despite breaking lots of FA rules about 3rd party player ownership blah blah blah it was agreed that West Ham are a much better Premier League team than Sheffield United, who no one likes.  Sure, Sheffield Wednesday back in the day were cool, and they had an awesome strip and they also had Benito Carbone and Paolo Dicanio, so they are allowed, but not smelly United.  I'd also allow Leeds back in the Premier League and even Southampton, and because I like QPR's strip I believe they should also be allowed promotion.  If only life worked the way it should and not with "justice".  Damn liberals!