Saturday, 7 May 2011

QPR cheat and win the league

Queens Park Rangers are super happy today because despite being found guilty of breaking the laws of the game they have won the league!  Yay!

The club were fined £875,000 after being found guilty of two of the seven charges against them relating to the Argentine midfielder's ownership.
QPR had been feared that they could be docked points, which could have left them in the play-off places.
But the verdict allowed them to receive the Championship trophy on Saturday.
QPR manager Neil Warnock and his players collected the prize at their Loftus Road home after a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Leeds in their final game of the season.
What a heart-warming tale.  It's a once in a life-time story at Loftus Road - a group of footballers work tirelessly - stopping only to cheat - on their way to football's big league, armed with only a bucket full of rainbows, and millions and millions of pounds.  Is there anything that money can't buy?  I did some research and discovered you can buy prostitutes, anti-biotics and weapons with money.  The only other thing I need now is an alibi because apparently that's just "too much" for my parents to do.  Jeeez Mum, live a little!