Tuesday, 17 May 2011

O-Connor, Black and Ogleby , Class-A players

Shocking news out of Scotland today that three minks have been charged with possession of the class-A drug Cocaine.  What makes this news is that they were all footballers. Oh the humanity!

Picture from the Sun

From the BBC:
Scotland footballer Garry O'Connor was detained and two Hearts players arrested on suspicion of possessing cocaine in two separate incidents. 
O'Connor, 28, who started his career at Hibs, was allegedly caught with the Class A drug in Edinburgh on Saturday. 
The striker, from East Lothian, was detained by police but released without charge pending further examination. 
Hearts players, Ian Black, 26, and Robert Ogleby, 19, were arrested and charged on Sunday and later released.

Gary O'Connor, the most high profile of the players and pictured above, has been training with Celtic recently and has most likely blown his chances of being signed.  O'Connor is one of many young men who could have been really good players but instead decided to spend most of his time injured and partying rather than playing. Who can blame him really?  He played in Russia for a while, where I assume he was on ridiculous money.  Imagine getting paid literally £1000s a week... of course you'd be out snorting cocaine and getting boozed every night. It would be like a weekend in Amsterdam but every night of the year. The other players arrested were Ian Black and Robert Ogleby of Hearts but nobody really cares about them.