Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nobody wants Alberto Aquilani

Forgotten man Alberto Aquilani will have his future decided for him next week by Juventus, who may or may not decide to buy him, despite having had an entire season to work out if he's any good.

According to the Gazetta Dello Sporto, which my natural detective intuition tells me is an Italian newspaper, Juve are about 50% sure they will pay the money begrudgingly to Liverpool to make his transfer permanent.  And then presumably melt him down to make glue.

What a fantastic feeling to know that not only do your own employers not really care where you are, but the club you've been working for all season isn't actually too fussed either, especially if they have to pay to see you more.  It's a bit like going out with an odd looking girl - in some lights she looks quite hot and you want to hang out, but then she starts asking you to watch terrible TV shows and you have to take her out for expensive dates and before you know it you just wish that Piers Morgan was dead.