Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Nile Ranger is a gangsta

Life is tough being a Premier League footballer, especially if you are a gangsta!  Daaaaaaaaamn

Photo taken from
The BBC Reported this week that Nile Ranger was photographed holding a replica handgun at home and that he regrets it, which is nice.  His girlfriend took the photo so that begs the question of just what they get up to behind closed doors but it probably isn't watching Gossip Girl.
In a statement, the club said officials had spoken to the 20-year-old, who now regretted posing for the photograph. 
A United spokeswoman said: "The club have spoken to Nile and can confirm that the item shown in the photograph is a replica firearm which it is not an offence to own.
In fairness to Nile, the tough streets of Newcastle can convince a man that he is in a New York slum; topless, fat, noisy men and scantily dressed, gross women roam the pavements and buildings in a manner befitting that of a third world.  The only way to clean up these streets is to take out the criminals that roam them and only one man is up to that task - through a series of internet photographs and dreadful goal to game ratios, Nile will become The Lone Ranger and bring justice to this town.  Or be sold to a championship team.  Or put in jail.  Again.