Sunday, 15 May 2011

Manchester won all the trophies

Comedy rich Man City lifted the FA Cup yesterday to win their first piece of silverware since the mid 70s and help Roberto Mancini keep his job, having spent the equivalent of what it would cost to bail out Greece from the Euro on football players.  Oh and Manchester United won the league.

The BBC says:
Manchester City midfielder Vincent Kompany is confident his side can go on to greater things after winning the FA Cup to end their trophy drought.
City beat Stoke 1-0 in Saturday's final at Wembley to secure their first piece of major silverware since 1976.
Kompany said: "This is a feeling we want again. In the dressing room afterwards, some of the guys whispering 'we want more of these'.
"We have laid down the foundations, now we want to build a house on it."
The Sheikh at Man City must surely have gone through a list of things to do in life like hiring armed goons, or building your own theme park or making girls have sex with you before buying a football club.  Buying a football club to try and win everything, despite not actually playing yourself, has all the hallmarks of a rich, Royal virgin who just can't get laid and wants that hot, quiet girl at school to notice him.  It sounds like an 80s buddy movie where Eddie Murphy tries to pimp the Sheikh up to be cool and rockin', but when he meets the girl of his dreams he's going to find out he just needed to be true to himself all along, or according to what I understand of Dubai law, rape her because she was asking for it anyway.  Damn those short skirts!