Friday, 20 May 2011

Man City really want Ronaldo. Madrid don't.

This sounds like utter, utter shit to me but apparently Real Madrid want to 'get rid' of Cristiano Ronaldo because he has fallen out with Jose Mourinho:

picture borrowed from the daily mail
According to someone who is making stuff up, Madrid president Florentino Perez is willing to listen to bids for Ronaldo after he fell out with Mourinho in training and about tactics and I dunno, who is the cooler?  Who has the biggest Dad?  It's widely reported that Perez doesn't like the manager either so this just keeps making less and less sense.  As long as someone bids about £150 million in human money then the Portuguese forward can go to Man City, who would almost certainly be the only club in the world that could afford him and his £300,000 a week wages.  So that's why it makes sense.  If you bought a sandwich for £150 million and it started pissing and moaning at you because you wanted to put crisps inside it you'd try and sell it on as well.

That sandwich was delicious though.